Worship September 20

 Jesus tells a story about an employer who hires workers throughout the day, but pays them all the same at the end. When those who started at the beginning of the day complain, he challenges them, asking whether they resent his generosity to others. This story leads Jesus into his famous words about the first being last and the last first.

Watch the service. (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/greenfieldcovenantchurch/videos/1274698529546695/?__tn__=%2CdkC-R&eid=ARAJtBgL-wfsozzbuPZmD7KIXJWc2UAIq7uasm644F-tvdXOFw95eGwULJPmxpugIGBOcoyX_mXXOPOw&hc_ref=ARRDKdacuVOqALhj5YmzJ3_OQu9rSMDANZo3FBei-3m7LNxKNNW-CgSRBnOHDR4yLA8)