A Prayer Service and a Pledge For the Future of Our Nation.

At 7:00 PM this Wednesday, October 7, and continuing for the next five Wednesdays, Greenfield Covenant Church will hold a “A Prayer 🙏 Service and a Pledge for Our Nation”. 

Maybe more than ever, our nation needs our prayers. Yet, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin or how to pray. We just know we have a deep desire in our hearts that cries out for God’s mercy, and a longing to see God heal our land. This is the reason we are offering this time to come before God in prayer and pledge to live as His people. 

This is NOT a time to advocate for any individual candidate or to espouse a particular political position. It is a time to pray for our nation. 

Please join us at our GCC Ministry Center Chapel located in the Greenfield village on 12 Depot Drive OR JOIN US ON FACEBOOK LIVE.