Vision and Mission of The Greenfield Covenant Church

God’s vision for Greenfield Covenant Church is for us to be a Christian community where every man, woman, and child is on the journey to becoming fully alive in Christ.

Our mission at Greenfield Congregational Covenant Church is to create opportunities for ongoing growth in body, mind, and spirit of every man, woman, and child. Each person will be encouraged to be formed more and more into the image of Christ as they love, know, and serve God.

We have come to the realization that Christianity is not only a set of beliefs that we think are true but as the life that we are destined to live. Our faith is not just something to think about in a rational sense, but it is an adventure that beckons us to throw off all of our burdens and run this race we call life. We all have dreams that God has planted inside of us and he takes pleasure in creating the future with him. Our lives are God’s story being written one page at a time.